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From the Feasibility Study, Financial Modeling, to the Collateral Arrangement we can prepare the full Project Finance to let your company able to raise money.


From the receipt of project, we will go to a Private Placement, or Public Placement or Bank Loan, through our solid network of investing, according to the traced strategy.


Post-raising-money continuous process, aiming to answer to the investors and make the interface between the monitoring and the company’s growing and consolidation.



First, we applied a questionnaire to know if the investor is conservative, moderate or bold, as well as his technical background either as a beginner, qualified  or super-qualified.


Then we identify the focus and goals of the investor such as a specific design, retirement plan, or supplement income / revenue, either in the short or long term.


Finally, we traced and followed the strategy according to the profile, goals and pooling of funds, in order to optimize the ratio: GAINS – RISK – PROFILE.

  • When I took a look in the website, I thought they were crazy. But after trying with a few money and see the surprising results, I stayed confident. Now all my savings and my cash flow are managed (and very well) by them as in no other place could do.

    Melissa DiazThe Wiz
  • It was fantastic how they due dilligenced our company and saw opportunities to increase the incomes through using features I never mind it would exist. Thank you Continental Finance.

    Yolanda DevriesAlmacs
  • The better solutions for our assets we found out with Continental. Now we can plan and go deal with safety and have continous advisory from Continetal's professional team.

    M. Elisabeth RodriguesJ.C. & Associates Ltd
  • It was important to us know Continental NZ. After working with them we could plan our corporate finances, work on our finance project and raise funds to execute our projects.

    JE OlssonConstruction Market

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